Do you suffer from ‘Home Wish List’ Syndrome?

reworkststomacrameYep, we all have one – and the more I do to my home, the longer mine seems to get. Writing desired items down however, does, in some small way make you feel better about not yet having them. 

So Spiv and I thought we’d share a few items from our lists, in the hope that you’ll get in touch to inspire us with some from yours. (Wish lists are there to be added to you see)

Emma’s Top 4…

1. Window – Style Mirror 

 I’d love to replace a large, ‘past its best’ wooden mirror in my dining room with this window effect one (currently out of reach due to its price tag!) It’s from Nordic House and there is a whole array of beautiful mirrors on their website. I love the unique look of this mirror and think it will make for a great feature. I plan to rest it on the radiator cover and lean it against the wall. I love things that lean!  


2. Smeg coffee machine 

As a relatively new coffee drinker the idea of having a proper coffee machine at home excites me enormously. The sleekness of the Smeg is heavenly and would look so at home in my duck egg kitchen. It will however, have to remain a pipe-dream for now.


3. Reclaimed Radiator 

Our radiators never really bothered me, especially as most of them have covers on them and therefore concealed from view. But then I realised that radiators are quite a thing now. They can actually ‘radiate’ style as well as heat! Proven perfectly by @suzieshouseonthehill.  So I’d like one of these… 

 Photo credit: @suzieshouseonthehill

Not all over the house of course– that would cost a fortune. Just in the living room for now would suffice. Any suggestions on where I could get one of these for a good price please let me know. 

4. Work Station

Surely I can’t be a proper blogger without one of these?! I’d love to create a statement work space in our third bedroom (which is pretty much a box room). I’m a huge fan of the retro look as achieved here by @littlebigbell, but it just wouldn’t feel right in my cottage.

 Photo credit: @littlebigbell

Perhaps I could get away with @lustliving’s style? (I love the simplicity of this look) Or even @lucysjwhitehouse’s? (Her creativity in styling knows no bounds)

      Photo credit: @lustliving
    Photo credit: @lucyjwhitehouse

Ikea do some great value work stations like this one for just £90. Imagine the fun I could have finding the accessories and styling it up!       

And I love this funky wicker swivel chair currently reduced from £75 to £45!


Spiv’s Top 3…

Having thought carefully about my top three wish list items, I quickly realized I could probably write a book on this topic! After much deliberation, these came out on top.

1. Wall Hanging Macrame

I have recently decorated our bedroom and painted two of the walls in the beautiful, popping Stiffkey Blue from Farrow and Ball. Lovely as they look, these walls are now crying out to be dressed. I would love to hang a macramé on one of them, a trend I’m seeing emerge at the moment. I love this one below from La Redoute, but there are lots of bespoke ones out there too, knotted by some incredibly talented creators. 



       If I dug a little deeper into my pockets, I really could get the “crème de le Macramé”, like this one  from @dope_rope_

             Photo credit: @doperope_macrame

2. Industrial Shelving

Everyone loves shelving right? And there’s no shortage of inspiration on Instagram, I’ve been exposed to so many stunning #shelfies that it was only a matter of time before I wanted to create my own. I’m not sure about you, but choosing where to place permanent fixtures like shelving takes me some time. But,  I have finally decided I would like three industrial-style scaffold shelves in the alcove of my kitchen diner. I have laboured over my choice of bracket and finally decided on a timeless, classic look, rather than the industrial vibe I was initially considering. I love these ones belonging to @loves_leeds.

 The plan is to dress these with my many fad diet and travel books which have been packed in boxes for months, some choice prints and of course a touch of greenery. Sourcing the scaffold planks myself and buying the brackets separately is really going to save me some dollar, so going to give this a go!

3. Bar Cart

I have been inspired by some lovely accounts on Instagram and how they have so cleverly created quirky corners of their homes, dedicated to their favourite tipples. I have toyed with lots of ideas from drink trays, to cabinets/bureau’s and it even crossed my mind to build an actual bar ,but the idea of a drinks cart really stuck with me. It appeals for two reasons; 1. the actual trolley can be something rather plain but can be styled-up to fit any home and décor  and 2. it can be moved from room to room, indoors to out, with no fuss when entertaining.

This cart from Elizabeth The Dot Design on Ebay is a perfect example. I plan to team this with an old school letter board and hey presto! My Instagram friend @clobow315 has also done an amazing job at styling this little gem of a find from Ebay for £40. She advised searching for tea trolleys too, as they can be easily repurposed.

Warning: If you have little ones, be sure to display that Hendrick’s up high. We don’t want it wasted on them, now do we? 😊

Want to get your wish list off your chest? Send it in to us at and we’ll publish it.


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