Watch This Space – Emma’s Boot Room Plans

homeUntil now, I’ve always had this area of space by the side of my house, next to the back door.

Living in a 300 year old listed cottage, I had never really considered the possibility of an extension. But over the years, our little house has just got fuller and fuller of ‘stuff’ and now, it is positively bursting at the seams!

Storage is our main problem – we don’t have any. You walk straight into the dining room from the back door and straight into the lounge from the front. We have no ‘under the stairs’ cupboard, or hiding places for anything at all. So our third bedroom consequently looks like this…

A little while back I was walking down our garden path and thought, ‘what a waste of space that is – surely we could make better use of it?’ And so began our journey to achieving the perfect bootroom-come-utility space.

 Inspiration  1

Photo Credit: Artichoke Kitchens & Furniture

We applied for planning permission and after a painful three month wait we got the all clear. After the standard amount of husband-nagging, he finally roped in some pals to help him dig the footings.


It’s not a huge area, but it’s certainly big enough for some cupboards, a few pegs to hang coats, baskets to house shoes and a bench. Maybe even a plant or two!

I’ve designed a tall, larder like cupboard to the letter. It’s going to have compartments for everything. Hoover, tumble dryer, clothes-horses, washing baskets, kitchen overspill items, you name it – there WILL be a compartment for it in this, the cupboard of dreams!

Inspiration 2


Photo Credit: Dunham Fitted Furniture

Inspiration 3

Photo Credit: The Little Design Corner

 The build went up very quickly, in about a week or so. But the project has ground to a bit of a halt since then while we wait for a new back door to be fitted. So the back of my house currently looks like this…

 This is my dream door and I’m hoping to recreate the look. We are currently considering the Farrow & Ball shade, Pigeon (after spending a small fortune on Farrow & Ball sample pots).

Inspiration 5

                                                                                                                        Photo Credit: Dunham Fitted Furniture

Once the door is in, we can progress with plastering, tiling, joinery and – my favourite bit – décor! I was keen to have a traditional, flagstone style floor at first but now I’m wondering about a more statement look.  

Timeless and traditional stone floor? 

                                                                                                                                        Or funky tiles?

…and what colour to go for on the cupboards?

I literally cannot wait to reorganise my home and utilise this space. Everything is going to be filed and organised within an inch of its life! And I’m finally going to have our third bedroom back to create my dream workspace. Gone are the days of sitting at our dining table with damp clothes drying on a nearby clothes horse, or sitting watching a television that’s half blocked by the ironing board.

Watch out for the grand reveal of this long awaited new room. I’m hoping it will appear on the blog in the next few weeks. WATCH.THIS.SPACE.

Have you had any home improvements done lately? Or have plans to? Send us some photos and a little bit of detail and we’ll publish it to help inspire others. (


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