Welcome to our first ever blog post. We thought we should probably introduce ourselves before the real fun starts. So read on to find out a bit more about us…

  I’m Spiv. . .

(AKA Laura but very rarely referred to as that). First and foremost, I am Mum to two lively boys, Rory 4 and Freddie 11 months. My 3 year old keeps me on my toes and does his best to demolish our home at every opportunity. He has boundless energy and loves to use my sofa as a piece of gymnastic apparatus. He is the epitome of Dennis The Menace and Freddie is learning from the best on daily basis.

I found my love for home interiors and DIY projects when buying my first home with my teenage sweetheart on Florence Street (inspiring my Instagram @florencestreet_interiors.) It was a very ordinary 3 bed terrace but I soon figured any space could be made beautiful with a little creativity and vision.

Nothing gets me more excited than bagging a bargain, revamping furniture into an improved version of its former self, or finding a thrifty way to recreate the most swooned over interiors.

I very rarely pay full price for anything and have been known to spend many a weekend hunting for hidden gems at auctions, car boot sales and house clearances! I would describe my style as eclectic, as I have just as much passion for traditional original features and furniture, as I do new modern, emerging trends.

And I’m Emma. . . 

a 33 year old Primary School Teacher. I live with my husband Graeme (who I bicker with endlessly, but he basically keeps me alive) in a postage stamp sized cottage in Nottingham. I enjoy my job, but what I really love to do is interiors. I always have, ever since I was a child spending hours rearranging my furniture or begging my parents for a new bedspread.

This passion escalated when I was lucky enough to buy my very first home 7 years ago and I have loved and lived in it ever since. Aside from prettifying the home environment however, I am undoubtedly the least domesticated woman on the planet. Graeme literally does everything else, which never ceases to amaze people. Just the other day I struggled to distinguish between a dishwasher and a washing machine tablet.

Interior styling is my number one past time and has become my escapism and my therapy. So when the monthly paycheck runs dry and I can no longer afford to update or titivate my own home, I compulsively read about what others are doing to theirs.  What better way to channel my creative energy, than to start an interiors blog with my equally obsessed friend? Graeme is also hoping that it might occupy enough of my time to keep me from spending all our money on what he calls ‘tat’ (- ahem, interior accessories).

So that’s us. We hope you enjoy our posts and find some inspiration for styling your own home. Or at the very least ‘titivating your tat’!





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