Keeping Ahead of the Jones’ – Stay one step ahead by swotting up on our top 9 interior trends

It’s crazy how fast-moving the world of interior fashion is, and sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up. As we all know, redecorating and updating a room doesn’t come cheap, so what’s the solution? Getting ahead is what.

We’ve looked into the crystal ball of interiors and found out what trends are waiting in the wings, so we can all get that much-needed head start.  Read on to discover the top nine style concepts that are teetering on the horizon, and start planning them for your home now.

1. Wallpapered ceilings – yes trust us, this is going to be huge. It sounds oppressive,but so long as flooring is kept simple and neutral, the effect is wonderfully tasteful. You can buy tropical bird print wallpaper, similar to those shown below from here, in a range of lovely colours. (We searched everywhere for a lower cost alternative – but we’ve had no joy… yet.)


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Wallpaper Direct do some great value geometric papers that would look really striking on the ceiling. This is one of our favourites.

2. Books – Think old-fashioned bookshelves, English Chesterfield sofas and anything that makes your home feel like an old school library.

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Using books as furniture, or at the very least accessories, is a great way forward. Big books stacked on top of one another could make a stylish and original table or lampstand?

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even use them to create a lamp base?

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3. Fish scale tiles –Personally, I am not yet over the metro tile. But when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, it seems there is a new star. And I can see why; these tiles are totally eye-catching and look stunning on either the wall, or the floor – take your pick!

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4. Lemon Fever – Move over the pineapple, it’s the lemon’s turn in the limelight. Using lemons as accessories for home styling is apparently huge in the U.S., so it’s sure to hit the U.K soon enough. It’s amazing how creative you can be with a few citrus fruits at your fingertips. No major spends required for this one either – bonus!

Photo credit: @piratelife4she

5. Clashy, garish colours – No, we can’t quite believe it either but whether we like it or not, it’s happening. The louder and more ‘in your face’ the better, so get your sunnies on and embrace it. The look works well with funky, mid-century modern furniture.

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If you’re ballsy enough to go for this vibe, you could try easing yourself in by keeping your walls white, and limiting the brights to your accessories. Next Home have lots of brightly coloured, statement cushions in stock at the moment. Me personally? I’ll be continuing to play it safe with whites and greys for now.

Photo credit: @fireinthekiln

6. Moroccan sinks – this one we’re much more comfortable with. Moroccan-inspired interiors are popping up all over the place and this is one of our favourites. Such a unique and attractive feature in any ‘ahead of the times’ home.

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7. Glitter grout – who could resist this? You think it sounds naff and then you see it done well and you start dreaming about it! Rose gold tones are best – just stunning.

Photo credit: House Beautiful

8. Concrete – The industrial trend is going up another notch and polished concrete floors, fireplaces and worktops are where it’s at. Complimented beautifully by copper or brass.

Photo credit: Pagazzi Lighting

9. Outdoor tiles and rugs – outdoors is the place to be this season and it’s becoming just as important to style up your exteriors as it is your interiors. Make a bold statement in your outdoor dining space by taking a new approach to your patio. Are you ready to move away from traditional stone slabs? We certainly are, after being inspired by these beautiful outdoor tiles and rugs. Check out for some stunning, good value products.


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So because we are feeling generous and just can’t let this gem slip through our fingers ,we have included a beauty of a bonus trend for you.

10.Extravagant lighting – It is no secret that modern vibes are dominating the land of interiors right now, and lighting in particular is becoming increasingly contemporary. Think glass bubble light fittings and over-the-top chandeliers. If it’s extravagant, its “in”.


           Photo credit: @_lisa_dawson 

 Photo credit: Better Home and Gardens

Photo credit: @livingetcuk

We’re thinking Ebay is probably the best source on this one, if you’re keeping to a budget.

Have you got any predictions on upcoming trends? Please join in and share your insight.

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