Thinking Outside The Box – How Spiv Transformed An Awkward Space Into A Stylish Bohemian Retreat

Spiv has been quite taken with all things bohemian lately, and she used the trend to inspire the way she styled her brand new bedroom. It’s made for a seriously striking space, and the theme totally detracts from the room’s slightly awkward shape. Read on to hear how she did it.

After committing to a double story extension recently, we were delighted at the prospect of an extra bedroom. The proportions however, meant the room was very long and thin, which posed some challenges when planning the décor and furniture arrangement. I kept an open mind and tried to be as creative as I could. I wanted it to look balanced and cosy, but not cluttered. Not an easy task. This was the image I used as my starting point.

Forward planning was crucial. I created a scale drawing of the room and cut out the furniture on bits of card so that I could move them around to see what worked and what didn’t. A great tip for anyone looking to furnish a small or awkward room.

I was desperate to create a warm, calm, boho-inspired space, and felt that a wood panelled wall would achieve this. That didn’t work out unfortunately so I opted for a wood floor instead and stained it in dark oak.


I know the Farrow and Ball paint chart better than my times tables and had been ogling Stiffkey Blue for as long as I could remember. With the room being narrow, I wasn’t brave enough to have the colour throughout. So I decided to team it with Strong White, which has some grey hues but still maintains an overall fresh and bright look.

Further inspiration came when Emma sent me a photograph of a beautifully styled peacock chair declaring it a ‘must-have’ statement piece. So I took this as read and made sure I kept my eyes peeled during my daily scrolls on second-hand websites. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon this beauty for the bargain price of £50. My partner hates it, but knew better than to try and stop me. I have placed it in a corner with a palm cushion and a dipped belly basket from Room 356.

I picked up our John Lewis wardrobe from a local auction and painted it in Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone, acrylic matt paint. I found this was enough of a contrast against the almost white walls. Having gone on a chalk paint spree through my home recently, I honestly found the acrylic paint was just as easy to use, dried fast and the finish is flawless. The lean-to mirror was a steal at just £59.99 from The Range. I love the way it reflects the chair and makes the narrow space appear so much roomier.

I found the antique drawers on Ebay and called on my favourite furniture removals company (otherwise known as D-A-D) to drive me to collect them from a local farm. We were directed to a large barn and when the seller lifted the shutter, I almost wet myself with excitement (anyone else find that home interiors and furniture has that effect on them?) I had only had Freddie a couple of days prior, so I actually may have, who knows.

The drawers needed some TLC but as I like to do with anything wood related, I tasked my partner with this. It had already been stripped, so we gave the draws a good clean out, lined them with some pretty wallpaper and treated them with BRIWAX. After leaving the wax to soak in, my partner buffed the chest and it instantly sprung back to life.

The bed is from Wayfair and I love it not only for its style, but for the storage it offers too. Perfect for hiding all those piles of washing when friends suddenly appear unannounced!

Home Sense is one of my favourite haunts for soft furnishings and they never seem to disappoint. On a particularly frustrated and downbeat day (during the week I was overdue with Freddie) I popped in there and emerged 3 hours later with an armful of cushions (oops!) They are now strategically placed on the bed.

The leather number is my particular fave and adds texture to the cushion arrangement. It was rather more than I would usually spend at £30, but I thought I could use the “raging hormones card,” if I was questioned when I arrived home.

My best value item is without doubt this funky little stool I found in B&M – great as a bedside table if you’ve only got a tiny space to work with.

As with every room in my house I would never consider it ‘complete’ and will continue to add to and titivate it with new trends as they evolve. Priority number 1: a hanging macramé! For now though, I’m bracing myself for my partner’s reaction when he hears about my lounge plans. He’s already hinted he knows it’s coming! (They always do deep down).

The following bedroom images have been brought to our attention by our incredible instagramming friends. Get yourself an eyeful!

My favourite shade of blue is used beautifully here by @mrsmerellyeah, with pops of white to contrast.

And @soozidanson pulls it off effectively too…

 I LOVE the bohemian vibes in this bedroom belonging to @house.of.four. That is the macramé of dreams!

You can’t beat the pure originality of @jodecomania. Those funky pops of colour are so brave but they sooo work! sure knows how to do casual, laid-back styling with her- “Oh this? I just threw it together” kind of look. Well we think it looks fab!

@loveheartsathome teams pure white with a statement exposed brick wall, which is strikingly stunning in its simplicity.

And finally helllloooo bedroom of dreams. @willowandbeech really know what they’re doing don’t they?

So in love are we with their take on ‘bohemian,’ that we are going to dedicate a full article to bohemian interiors and how to affordably achieve the look.

Watch out for it!

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