Funk Up Your Junk- Inventive ways to repurpose everyday household items and furniture

For us, the fun of home styling comes from the creative ways we can individualise our interiors at minimal cost. So we thought we’d share some of our favourite repurposed projects with you, in the hope that you’ll think twice before chucking out that old piece of unwanted furniture. We’re sure you will revel just as much as we do in the satisfaction brought by revamping old items, saving some dough and doing your bit for the environment.

Reach for the Gin, not the Bin

The Hendricks Bottle has become a part of the décor in many homes and what better way to make a statement about your lifestyle (or more fitting for us, make use of the empties our gin habit creates) than to re-use it as an interior accessory? I see them most commonly used as a vase for singular flowers, like the peony, which seems to be the flower of the moment. But they have many other uses. Why not create an Olive Oil Dispenser for alfresco dining, a soap, hand lotion or bubble bath dispenser, or even an incense holder? Oil dispenser and soap dispenser pumps can be bought for next to nothing from most good hardware stores but Ebay was my one stop shop.



Photo Credit: Frilly, Pretty

We even saw the Hendrick’s bottle used as a lamp base recently from bglowlight on Etsy. Cool or what?


When is a ladder not a ladder?

When it’s a shelf, a laundry dryer or a herb garden, that’s when. There are so many creative things you can do inside and out with a basic ladder, but these are a few of my favourites.


Photo credit:

Photo credit: @ctinklin

If a ladder indoors is a little too unconventional for you, maybe this herb garden will suit you? Team your ladder with your favourite set of lights. I find the best and most reasonable selection can be found in Home Bargains.

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Take a different view

Stop looking at old household items and furniture in the conventional way you’re used to. Turn them upside down and a whole new world of possibility will open itself up to you. Take this stool for example. Who decides which way round it should go? YOU DO!

Photo credit: Country

Turned upside down it is perfect for storing umbrellas by the front door.

Planting the Seed

My roll top cast iron bath is my pride and joy, and I use it season after season, year after year. I picked it up on an auction site for a very reasonable price, so if you like what you see here, it’s well worth shopping around. I bagged this for £30.

In its original state, the paint was peeling and a little rusty, but this was easily solved when rubbed down with a wire brush. I painted it in a sage green external metal paint and filled it with garden rubble 30cm from the top. I then topped it with a good quality compost, added decorative rockery stone, fern and some pretty flowers.

There are heaps of other objects you can re-use as planters, our pictures showing just a few. Be as whacky as you like – anything goes!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Bright ideas

My sister created this simple and pretty light shade using an old colander she had lying around. A quirky, yet effective idea that wouldn’t look out of place in a country kitchen or tea room. The light fitting was bought from Ikea from £16. She drilled a hole in it the same width as the pendant in the top of the colander and hey presto!

@iamhayleystuart recently repurposed a plant cover bought from a local garden centre and created a sassy lightshade, which is so up to the minute its unreal.We’re sure they are other original lampshade ideas out there? If you have one – send it in to us.

Say it with chalk

Blackboard paint is the easiest thing to use and can be applied to almost every surface, totally hassle free. I reinvented a redundant dressing room mirror to create a height chart to keep check on my ever- growing little men. I painted the frame and even got the kids involved.


Here are some other funky ideas…

Photocredit :

Photocredit –

Check out @Zaraplus3 on Instagram. We love her ceiling height chalkboard display, which provides the perfect example of how a chalkboard can be decorated to funk up your home as a reflection of you, your family and the mantras you live by.

Change it up

How about this space saving change table idea? Both of these were old bureaus, repurposed by our good friends @ctinklin and @burrows1905 in their children’s bedrooms.


Be sure to check that the furniture is safe to use in this way, as it will be dependent on the individual piece.


After being given a shed load of scaffold boards from my in-laws recent build, I did the obvious and made some industrial shelves. I used the leftovers for a Bath Rack, which worked perfectly with my rustic candle sticks and frames. Keep your eyes peeled as it will be featured in our “Homebirds How To’s” page in the coming weeks.



Go CR – e -ATE

Never underestimate the potential uses of a simple set of crates. Emma picked these ones up for just £5 each in Ikea, painted them white and turned them into some funky shelves for her bathroom. She also plans to use some pre-owned, slightly more rustic looking ones as vegetable storage in her kitchen.

If you have any nifty repurposed projects that you would like to share with us, drop us a line and your photo at




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