Into Industrial? Here’s 5 Ways To Achieve The Look

Industrial interiors have really come into their own of late, and rather than be a passing craze, we’ve seen the trend grow and expand in all kinds of ways. It’s a look that can be achieved in any room of the house, and whether its just a few industrial touches you’re after, or you want to go hardcore – we’re here to help. Read on for 5 things to consider when planning your industrial style update…

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1) Materials

There are four key materials you should be building into your new, industrial-style room. Whether it be in your furniture, décor, accessories or lighting, you need to be sticking with metal, reclaimed wood, brick and concrete. If you remember this as Rule No.1, you can’t go far wrong. In the points that follow, we’ll give you plenty of ways you can do this and what it might look like.

2) Décor

The way you choose to decorate your space will set the tone of the whole room, so it’s important you get this right. Exposing the brick on one wall is great for impact and creates a feature, without making the room feel cold.

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Alternatively you could expose the brick around a small area, like your cooker or fireplace for a more subtle approach.

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Brick wallpaper can be really convincing these days if you want to cheat. Check out, who have this one for just £12.95 a roll. Brick slips are also an option.

Fine Decor Distinctive Red Rustic Brick Wallpaper

 For the remaining walls, dark, inky colours give off an industrial vibe and look stylish and dramatic. They look great on kitchen units too. Our favourites shades are Hague Blue and Downpipe (both Farrow & Ball).

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Photo credit: Heart Home
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In a kitchen, these colours look great with concrete worktops. For the ultimate in industrial style, team with brass or gold taps.


3) Furniture

When it comes to furniture, there is so much available at the moment that is in-keeping with the industrial trend. Rustic, reclaimed tables work well, like this one from JTF (£179.oo).

Alternatively, hairpin tables are incredibly striking and uber cool. @chunkydesignsuk on Instagram handcraft some stunning ones, but if you’re up for a DIY challenge, check out our “How To” page where you can learn how to make your own for a fraction of the cost.

Photo credit: @chunkydesignsuk

The style looks good on smaller tables too.

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Metal chairs like these scream style and can be found for as little as £129.95 for a set of 4 on Amazon.

Photo credit@: @emma_hellocake

We particularly love shabby looking ones like this.

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If its a living room you’re looking to furnish in an industrial style, worn leather chesterfield sofas are the way to go. They look fabulous teamed with a rustic metal trunk as a coffee table.

Photo credit: Ebay

This one is currently for sale on Ebay for £39, and there are lots of other, reasonably priced ones on there.

Shelving is a great way to introduce industrial style into your home too. There are so many options!

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These wire ones below were a DIY creation by a close friend, pretty impressive hey?

Photo credit: Charlotte Tinklin

High street stores like Matalan are jumping on the craze now, with this smaller version costing just £12.

A good joiner will be able to make you some funky pipe shelves like this …

Photo credit: Louise Dakers

but for a smaller scale affair, try Ebay where this beauty sells for just £28.99

Another option is a floor standing unit like this, available from Ikea for £85.

IKEA FJÄLLBO shelving unit

4) Lighting

Lighting is crucial when creating an authentic industrial look and – no pressure but – your choices could make or break the room. Again, there are lots of options so try not to be overwhelmed by the choice and don’t over-do it. Nothing quite says ‘industrial’ like raw, low hanging, vintage bulbs. Spiv has provided a full tutorial on how to create her show-stopping light fitting yourself. Check out our “How To” page for details.

Phot0 credit: _@homebirds_ own
Phot0 credit: _@homebirds_ own

Mine is very similar, but uses a chunkier bit of wood, and a wrap around effect with the wires.

Phot0 credit: _@homebirds_ own

This suspended concrete light fitting is an absolute steal at £37 from .

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This caged shade from Wilkos is another bargain at £12!

And we LOVE these rustic metal pendants from Maisons Du Mondes. Not cheap, but stunning!

Photo credit: Ellena Halton

Floor lamps are a must and we recommend metallic styles like this…

Photo credit: The Forest & Co. on Not On The High Street

 Or a simple tripod style…

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But for a quirky, more original look, go for one of these amazing camera lamps…

Photo credit: Gumtree

The Range or Dunelm have a wide variety of floor lamps, including all the styles we’ve mentioned here, all for really good prices. JTF and Wayfair are definitely worth a look too.

For a less ‘in your face’ take on industrial lighting, try draping some bulbs like these ones from Matalan (£8) over a shelf. The effect oozes style, especially when teamed with other accessories like some leaning prints.

Photo credit: @artynads

5) Accessories

Accessorising your new room is where the fun really happens. And you can easily update a room without redecorating, by adding these simple industrial touches. Here are some of our favourites, all of which come with a realistic price tag.

These industrial pipe coat hooks can be found on Etsy for just £15 and make a real style statement. You can get copper pipe towel racks for your bathroom too, or hanging rails in a similar style for clothes in the bedroom. All very funky.

Mesh front steel noticeboards like this are a brilliant industrial style solution for any home office or study. There is a similar one in Ikea with bulldog clips, priced at £12.

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Copper candle holders look lovely on a side table, or even on the floor if they’re large enough. We’ve seen some tealight holders in both Tesco and Wilkos in this hip, geometric style.

Photo credit: Graham & Green

Old, leather suitcases stacked on top of one another in the corner of the room would enhance the industrial vibe beautifully; charity shops are the best place to find these.

Photo credit: @manilagorilla28

How about this amazing, brass skeleton clock? Just £25 from The Range.

Photo credit: Ellena Halton

And last, but by no means least, the coolest industrial accessory you will find – this incredible concrete planter on wooden legs from Next Home – available in two sizes (£55). We’re in love!


@lucyjwhitehouse never seems to disappoint and has styled out this exact planter perfectly in her eclectic home, which has hidden gems in every corner.

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