Better Your Bathroom – Whatever Your Budget

 Until recently, I had given up hope on my matchbox-sized bathroom. I knew we didn’t have the budget for the make-over I’d been dreaming of, and I just couldn’t see how it could be improved without a new suite and complete redecoration. 

I needed inspiration, and fast. I gathered several ideas, from various sources, and I’ve put them all together for you right here. They should come in pretty useful if you’re planning a bathroom update of your own, or you just want to inject some personality. I’ve included plenty of low cost tips, along with some more expensive options too if its a total overhaul you’re after.  Whatever your budget, I guarantee you’ll have some ideas after reading this.

Update taps and replace dated tiles

The first thing we did was update the taps and shower from gold to chrome, sourcing the replacements from Ebay. We also put white, wood panel effect floor tiles down in place of the old terracotta tiles,  which made the space seem bigger.  Putting a large mirror on the back wall also helped with creating the illusion of space, as well as painting the bath panel and woodwork. We swapped the oragangey/brown mosaic tiles running across the middle of the wall with slightly more modern aqua green ones (the best we could manage with the restrictions we had), which was much cheaper than stripping and replacing all the wall tiles.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

Brass taps are a stunning alternative to chrome and are very ‘in’ at the moment.

Photo credit: @apogee_interiors

If you have a spacious bathroom, you could be brave with your floor tiles and go for a funky pattern…

Photo credit: @paigecouzens

Photo credit: @mrsdawnrooney

…or bold monochrome to really make a statement?

Photo credit: Louise Dakers

Alternatively, you could use patterned tiles on the walls? These tiles look great with that stunning glass sink.

Photo credit: @the_lemonpipers


House plants never fail to add interest to a room and they work really well in bathrooms.

Photo credit: @additedtohouse
Photo credit: @deecampling

Photo credit: @theresagromski

 You could even hang them from the ceiling in an on-trend macramé like these. Mine (the double one) was from Ebay and only cost around £5.

Photo credit: @home.of.four
Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

There are some really convincing artificial plants out there if you’re like me and no good at keeping them alive. Next Home and TK Maxx do them particularly well. I also recommend any of the supermarkets and Wilkos for fake mini succulents, or Ikea for the real deal.  I found this artificial cheese plant leaf in Ikea and popped it in a funky glass vase from TK Maxx.  It makes for a bit of a feature on the back of the toilet!

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

Leaning prints and signs

A single floating shelf looks great in a bathroom and the perfect place to perch leaning prints or signs. This is a great way to personalize the space and just make it that bit homelier. I got a narrow picture ledge from Ikea for £8 and added a couple of framed Desenio palm leaf prints to it, enhancing the botanical vibe. I made some of my own prints too, once I’d had a quick google of ‘ideas for bathroom prints’. It was simple enough, I just downloaded a free font and created them in publisher before printing on to photo paper. (See our ‘How To’ page for full instructions) The frames were bargains from Wilko and come in a range of sizes.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

Signs look good too (the two below were both from Ebay – seller: shopeasyfun555), along with other accessories like jugs, candles, storage baskets or flowers.

Photo credit: Louise Dakers

Funky storage

Storage is a necessity in a bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be boring – why not make a statement? I saw these crates in Ikea for just £5 each and thought they would make funky shelves. I painted them white (lots of coats required!) and positioned them at different angles. I then filled them with various bits and bobs (mainly more plants!),  which will no doubt get switched around and substituted for other goodies on a weekly basis.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

If you have a little more in the budget, industrial wire shelving units look really stylish. Loaf Home do one, but check out Not On The High Street for an even better price.

Photo credit: @sarahgibbs85

Photo credit: @harriet.emily

And what about this for a trendy but practical storage idea? Another Ikea special. I had one of those annoying corner racks in the shower area for holding all our toiletries. Nothing ever stood up straight on it and things were forever falling over. Not now! This caddy is perfect for housing toiletries, (and the odd plant) plus you can hang things off it too.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

I couldn’t resist this dipped wicker basket from TK Maxx – the perfect place for toilet rolls!

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

And the woven Ikea baskets on the ledge below the sink fit in nicely with the scheme. These provide a hiding place for all those unsightly toiletries you don’t want on display, or rolled up towels and flannels.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

Pretty accessories like glass jars with lids not only look nice, but they’re also really useful for organising your bits and bobs. B&M Bargains do them for 99p!

Photo credit: @mulberryhouse_

Ladders are another funky storage option. You can either hang towels on them or use them as shelves. Argos and JTF  do these fairly cheaply, and there are some stunning ones on Etsy.

Photo Credit: @becksthwaitehome

Photo Credit: @homeatrosecottage

Replace old  towels and bath mats

There’s nothing better than fresh, new, fluffy towels and there are some lovely colours and patterns out there for a quick and easy update. Matalan and H&M Home have a lovely range of good value bath towels, but for a bit of luxury, try John Lewis which is where Spiv found these stunners.

Photo Credit: @_homebirds_ own

And how lovely is this simple white bath mat with pom pom trim? A stylish finishing touch to any modern bathroom. You can get one from for just £12. Love the stool idea too! Not to mention that beautiful blue tongue and groove paneling.


Photo credit: @kates_victorian_home

Bath rack

For the ultimate in bathroom luxury, I highly recommend you invest in a bath rack. It will completely transform your bathing experience, especially if it has a wine glass holder and somewhere to rest your ipad! To save money, you could make one yourself, simply check out our”How To” page for the full tutorial.

Photo credit: @hygge_for_home

Invest in a roll top bath

I’ve always loved free-standing, roll top baths (haven’t we all!) and if there’s room in your budget for one, these are a few of my favourites…

Photo credit: @thehoppyhome


Photo credit: @our_wee_country_cottage


Photo credit: @homeonhampton

Try a console unit

Console units with built in sinks look stunning and offer a stylish alternative to a standard sink.

Photo credit: @rvk_loves

  • Photo credit: @emma.hellocake

Consider concrete

Concrete is also big at the moment and offers a trendy option if you’re considering a new sink.  How swish is this one? Avoid it looking too masculine by adding accessories like a simple vase of  flowers or eucalptus. Those herringbone tiles are pretty inspiring too.


  • Photo credit: @kastconcretebasins

So there you have it – an abundance of ideas for transforming your bathroom. We hope you leave this page with an idea or two for your own home. The bathroom is one of the few places where you can really relax, so choose a style that makes you feel calm and happy. Accessories will help add colour and a personal touch, but remember the space needs to be practical too. Good luck, and whatever you do, enjoy the process!

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