At Home With Anna – A DIY Special From An Inspiring Guest Blogger

We are thrilled to have the amazing Anna Marie Stoltman as a guest blogger this week. She is one inspiring lady and if you like what you read, you must go and check out her very own blog at You can also follow her on Instagram @verymeinteriors.

Here she shares with us how she created a beautifully unique and oh-so-stylish bed that would make any interior lover buzz with excitement at the prospect of going to sleep. (Not that we need any help with that of course).  Over to you Anna…

Well talk about blog hopping! I’m so excited to be joining my fellow DIY lovers here on the Homebirds blog and I do hope you enjoy my project. It certainly was an exciting one for me. So here is the story behind my much-loved DIY bed.

Before you run away screaming I have to say that it actually only took me one day to make this upholstered bed. But prior to that it took me three months to figure out how I was going to do it. The reason for this was that I rushed with the decision to buy a bed on Ebay. I was looking for a headboard-less bed frame, so that I could make the headboard myself.

Unfortunately I was very impatient and the choice was very limited as we needed something to fit our small bedroom. (Not to mention our small budget.) So I ended up buying a bed I didn’t even like.

After months of jumping over a dismantled bed in our kitchen and sleeping on the floor of our bedroom (thank god we didn’t sell the mattress with our old bed) and even considering re-selling the bed and getting something that I actually liked; I decided it was time to roll up the sleeves!

The effect is stunning (at least in my opinion), but it did not come without its challenges.

I started by painting all the parts of the bed frame with Annie Sloan paint. I had the colour I wanted in my head but I was determined to use the paints I already had in the house.

So, I started mixing colours! I used: Pure White, Graphite, Paris Grey and Napoleonic Blue. The result? A kind of smoky blue that I will never be able to recreate. But that’s exactly what I had in mind for my bed makeover.

I have left two panels of the headboard unpainted and ready for upholstering. That was supposed to be the easy part. It wasn’t.

As it turned out the panels, although not made of solid wood, were very hard and using a staple gun was out of the question.

I think I must have looked very glum at that point because Rob decided to nip to our local B&Q (which isn’t very local to be honest) and bought three packs of different nails and staples. After trying them all and almost giving up, we finally started making some progress.

I started by measuring and marking on both panels where the buttons would go.  When I was happy with the arrangement I made holes by drilling through the wooden panels. (The holes need to be big enough for the needle to go through)

I also needed to cover the buttons with the same fabric  I was going to use for the headboard. And that’s where I hit the wall again. The fabric wasn’t good for cutting it to such a small size as it easily split at the ends. But there is no problem that good old paint can’t fix, right?

So I quickly found a different fabric that I had leftover from one of my previous projects. I used it to cover all the buttons (I even had a little helper). But as it was a different colour to my fabric, I decided to paint the buttons with my blue paint.

They came out looking very nice which only proves that Annie Sloan’s paint is good for everything! I cut the fabrics and the wadding to size (i.e. big enough to wrap around each panel).

The next step was the hardest bit of this makeover. As I mentioned earlier I couldn’t use the staple gun. Instead I used Rob and his muscles (he’ll be so happy I have mentioned his muscles, ha! One extra point for me!)

But as we needed all four hands, there are no photos of that stage. It took us a good couple of hours to hammer all the nails to the panels and secure the fabric.

TIP: If you are planning on making your own headboard, use material that is not too thick and not too hard (like mdf). That way  you can easily use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the back of it. It will save you loads of time and stress.

I spray painted the metal panels of the headboard with bright copper paint. They are not very visible but you know what they say: the devil is in the detail (or something like that.)

With all the fabric secured all that was left to do was to add the buttons. To do so you will also need some extra plain buttons to go at the back.  Tie the thread to your first plain button and using a needle to go through the hole, thread through your fabric covered button. Next go back and secure it to the back button. Repeat this with every button, making sure they’re not too loose.

The final touch to my DIY bed was Annie Sloan’s gilding wax in copper which I discovered a few months ago. You can simply rub it onto the edges using your finger. It gives a very subtle metallic effect. And if you’re not a fan of copper, they come in gold and silver too.

And that’s how we’ve made our DIY bed and upholstered the headboard. The beauty of a self-made project like this is that you know you have an absolute one-off statement piece.

Now let’s take a look at the cost:

  • The bed was from Ebay and we paid £30 for it. As we sold our old bed for exactly the same money, it didn’t actually cost us anything.
  •    I used Annie Sloan’s paints that I already had and mix them together to get the colour I wanted so there was no money spent here (but if you need to buy your paint it will cost you £18 for a tin that will last few projects).
  • I spent £10 for 2m of fabrics, which I got from a sale in Dunelm.
  • The wadding and self covered buttons were also from Dunelm and it cost me £8 and £3 respectively.
  • The pack of nails we used for upholstering the bed was picked up from B&Q and it was less than a couple of pounds.

 The best advice I can give you when doing any upcycling project is to think before you make and use what you already have. Especially if  you’re DIYing on a budget!


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