My Diverse Dining Space – Six Trends, One Room

When revamping her dining room, Emma struggled to see how she could buy into new and emerging trends, whilst remaining sympathetic to her character cottage. In the end she threw caution to the wind and went with what she liked, rather than what she thought she should have. The result is a beautifully eclectic space with enough touches to compliment the oldy worldy nature of the house, whilst giving a nod to an array of more modern styles too.

Read on to discover why diversity works when restyling a space and why you should follow your heart, not some imaginary rulebook.

When it came to redecorating and restyling my dining room, I was overwhelmed with inspiration. There was so much I loved and I couldn’t, for the life of me, commit to just one style. I wanted to dive head first into the tantalising world of interior fashion, and immerse myself in its seemingly limitless trends. Industrial, Boho, Geometric, Farmhouse, Scandinavian… you name it, I loved it all!

So I included all of them. There’s no obvious, over-arching style. I just decided, ‘if I like it, I’m having it’ – and that was that. Which is why my dining room ended up being a bit of a mish mash, but not in a bad way (I don’t think?).

I mean sure, when you break it down and look at each element separately, you realise there’s an awful lot of clashing trends in there. But when you take it all in as one unified space, it just kind of works (I hope!).

Here’s how I incorporated six diverse trends into one room…

1. Shabby Chic

Yes, you might say this one has had had its day. But living in a country cottage, a little bit of ‘shabby’ is par for the course. So I bought this striking, over-sized window mirror from Maisons Du Monde. It is painted white, which I worried about blending too much into the white wall, but the distressed corners are enough to make it stand out.

I also kept hold of this quaint, dresser-style wall unit, painted it white (so that it matched the mirror) and hung a collection of jugs from it.

2. Farmhouse

I chose this Emily Bond sheep print fabric for the blinds, so that the room would flow in to my pale blue farmhouse style kitchen. The blue and grey tones also co-ordinate well with the dark blue units of my window seat (painted in Stiff Key by Farrow & Ball).  @oakhousedesign on Instagram makes blinds and other interior products using beautiful fabrics including this one. (Heads up: They are offering free delivery to Instagrammers on lampshades and cushions until the end of November)

Photo credit: @oakhousedesign

It compliments the style and era of the house, which is something I felt I couldn’t ignore completely.

I also kept my traditional farmhouse table and chairs, but painted them an off-white/grey colour (Farrow & Ball Cornforth White) to give them a bit of a facelift.

3. Scandinavian

This is a style I have fallen hook, line and sinker for just lately, but I had to exercise some self-control. If I hadn’t, the room would have been pure white and uber-modern from wall to wall. Instead, I kept the Skandi influence to a minimum, using wood effect wallpaper on one wall and this Nordic style Ikea rug, placed strategically on the window seat.

The wood effect wallpaper was £16.99 a roll from

I also just had to have these Skandi-inspired Desenio prints.

4. Geometric 

Having already dedicated an entire bedroom to the geometric trend, I didn’t want to go too mad on it in here. I couldn’t resist this rug though, just £59.99 from H&M Home.

I’ve always loved the look of a rug under a dining table and the grey/blue tones in this one co-ordinated perfectly with the sheep-print blind.

5. Boho  

Ahh, boho – my absolute fave. There was no way I was leaving this one out and I managed to inject a touch of it using a few fringed cushions (H&M Home and Matalan respectively) and this beautiful tassel planter!

6. Industrial 

Lighting has really come into its own in the interior world and industrial styles are stealing all the headlines. Spiv’s DIY creation in her kitchen is awe-inspiring and I just had to have one of my own. We found this old chunk of wood at a reclamation yard and the cords and bulbs were from Ebay.


So there we have it; six distinctly different styles all rolled into one room. I hope this has shown that there really are no rules when it comes to home décor. Your home is exactly that – yours. Fill it with whatever floats your boat and worry not about things clashing a bit. It all makes for an interesting, eclectic space that has you written all over it.


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