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In the midst of winter with its dark nights and freezing temperatures, we provide you with a touch of escapism this week, by transporting you to the beautiful, beachside home of Caitlin Hayden, on the other side of the globe in New South Wales, Australia.

This lady sure knows how to style a space. Remember that beachy, free-spirited vibe we’ve been lusting after in all our latest posts? Caitlin nails it. Effortlessly. Yep, each and every room is straight from interior heaven and we are completely in awe. What’s more, Caitlin is one cool chick with a whole host of inspiring ideas.

 So get yourself a coffee, relax and immerse yourself in this hip and happy home.

Caitlin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Caitlin from @TheHouseonBeachRoad. I started my instagram account a little over 6 months ago to document the journey of our beach side renovation. Our home is still a major work in progress, but my husband and two kids are surviving the chaos and enjoying watching the house slowly turn into our dream home.

From what we can tell, it’s a dream home already! How would you describe it?

 It is a tired old home full of mismatched renovations that have been done across many generations. We are slowly working at making it more cohesive and suitable for our growing family.

How long have you lived in your home and what made you buy it?

We bought the house a little over a year ago. We had always dreamed of living here and when the house came up for auction we just went for it. The only two features it had going for it were the ocean views and vaulted ceilings in the back room.

What is the best home improvement that you’ve done?

So far our biggest and best renovation would be the kitchen and lounge. We took it from a tired, pine-clad room to a light and bright oasis. Our kitchen, which I am so proud of, is actually a Gumtree bargain that we found. While we had to add cabinetry and alter the benches, we put most of the second hand kitchen to use and turned it into our dream space. The subway tiles and open shelving are still my favourite addition and I am constantly restyling them with new things I have found. We plan to eventually add a large island bench, but for now I love my cosy table and chairs which are the heart of our home.

How would you describe your style?

My style mainly focuses on combining neutrals, beautiful textures and of course lots of plants. As we live by the beach, our home tends to reflect a coastal vibe and keeping everything light and bright is our main aim.

What inspires you and the way you style your home?

I am constantly inspired by coastal homes. I love wood panelled walls and everything light and bright. While I love colour in other people’s homes, for me I just like to combine textures and neutrals to create interest.

What is your favourite room in the house and why?

At this stage it is definitely the kitchen and lounge room because of the amazing vaulted ceiling, which is painted in Taubman’s ‘Snow Drop’. It brings so much drama to the room and creates the coastal vibe that I love.

What is your most treasured interior item and why?

My most treasured décor item would have to be my occasional chair from Adairs. There is no real story behind it just that it is absolutely beautiful. Every day I can be found dragging it around the house to style a new picture. It just fits me and my vibe so well.

Where are your favourite places to source items for your home?

  There’s no doubt that in Newcastle I absolutely love Willows Home Traders @willowshometraders . They are a local business that stocks the most amazing homewares you have ever seen. From beautiful linen to stunning art, they have it all. Online I love @seatribe . As you can imagine from their name, they completely fit my style. They are the masters of texture.


What sort of things do you splash out on and where or how do you make savings?

I usually splurge on big items such as lounges, rugs, chairs and pull it back on the decorative items. For example my dinner set that proudly sits on display is a $20 set from Kmart. With two small children in the house there is no point splurging on things that can potentially get broken the next day. We try to keep the house a child friendly place and I don’t want to spend my days obsessing over broken home wares.


What is the best value item in your home?

My bedside tables were another Gumtree bargain so they are probably my best value item. I got the two for $40 and all they needed was a light sand and wax and they came up beautiful.

What’s your favorite colour to use in your home décor?

White, white and white. I’m honestly obsessed with white paint. My husband often comments “oh another white jug” or “another white cushion”. I just love neutrals.

What is on your wish list or what is your next interior project?

My next project starts in a few weeks. It will consist of a new bedroom for my daughter, new master bedroom and a hallway, plus a second living room revamp. I am beyond excited to get started.

What would be your top tip for our readers when styling their home?

My main advice to people is to always keep an eye out for second hand items. The amount of furniture in my home that has been brought back to life is amazing. From my kitchen to my mid century sideboard, I have so many treasured things that were absolute bargains.

And that’s the Homebirds over and out for a couple of weeks. Time for our Christmas break! We’ll be back in the New Year though, with plenty of interior indulgences and décor delights for you including…

  • A nursery special
  •  Ideas for making a statement out of your staircase
  • How to inject mid-century modern vibes into your home
  •  A Top Ten front doors feature to help you boost your kirb appeal
  • And a stunning ‘Through The Keyhole’ from @caffeineandcacti

So do come back and visit us then. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any inspiring interior projects to share. However big or small, we want to hear about them so we can feature them here on the blog.

 Have a very merry Christmas one and all, and a happy new year!

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