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As you know, Homebirds are all about saving money. We love DIY, auctions, charity shops and all things upcycled. Nothing makes us happier than bringing you stylish, luxurious interiors on a budget. But every now and then, something exceptional catches our eye. Something that may not be ‘low cost,’ but is so beautifully crafted and unique that it justifies its higher end price tag.

Right now that thing is Lamb Design Studio. An online interiors shop co-founded by the inspirational Emma and Christina. And actually, their prices are more than reasonable. Their passion for beautiful, handmade products is palpable. Their aim? To help you find “just the right piece” that will last a lifetime. 

Read on to find out more about this dynamic duo, their inspirational story and their beautiful, beautiful products. Visit their website to shop their products and use our code Homebirds10 for 10% off.

Ladies, we love your style and your products. What motivated you to start the business?

Lamb came about from our shared style and love for craftsmanship and interiors.


As believers in the power of the internet we were happy to spend hours looking for “just the right piece”. In fact, it was while restoring and decorating our homes while living in the US and London and then returning home, we realized – there was a huge gap between what could be sourced abroad and what could be found here in Ireland.

But, as big as that realization was, it was our friends and family who planted the seed for Lamb. Friends complimented our own décor choices by asking “where did you get that?” “How did you think to put that together,” It was then we realized that not everyone has time to scour the Internet looking for the right piece… we could fill that gap.


And so Lamb was born – an online destination to help busy people who share our love of a beautiful, pared-back, natural aesthetic. Our goal is to fill our customers’ homes with an incredible selection of heirloom quality pieces; and an eclectic assortment of handmade, unique products that tell their own story. Our greatest desire is to help you live beautifully.

What inspired the name Lamb?

My maiden name is Lamb and Christina and I wanted something short and memorable. We wanted to avoid a name with & in the middle as it is over done at the moment. It also enabled us to have Little Lamb as our kid’s collection brand name.

Is it just the two of you heading up the business? Who does what? 

Christina and I both run the business. We are Co-Founders/Owners and both intimately involved in the creative and design aspects of the business. On a day to day basis I focus on order fulfilment, customer service and Marketing and PR. Christina takes care of the financials, IT, web development and legal.

What’s your business philosophy?

Our basic philosophy is to offer hand picked, carefully curated beautiful things that are made incredibly well using natural and sustainable materials whenever possible.

Why? We are proud to collaborate with other talented makers, artisans and craftspeople and promote their products on our platform.

Are your products available worldwide?

We primarily sell a lot of our products to the Irish and UK market but recently launched world-wide shipping so we can reach a wider audience and global market.

What should our readers expect when they visit your page?

We feel we offer customers a really unique and carefully curated collection of interior pieces that are individually sourced and chosen for their design, quality and aesthetic. We pick pieces we hope our customers will cherish forever and not just have as throw away furniture that will be replaced over and over again.

Who inspires you?

Other women inspire us all the time, especially people working in the creative world and people who share our passion for interiors.

Chrissie Rucker of The White Company being one…she started her business 22 years ago from a bedroom in her apartment in London selling high quality bed linen and has gradually grown it into the ultimate luxury lifestyle destination for your home and little ones.

What is your best selling product and why?

We have a lot of great sellers but to name our top 5…

1) Lorena Canals Rugs. They’re washable, yet incredibly soft and are of gorgeous quality.

2) Wild & Soft Animal Wall Hangings have proven to be incredibly popular, as soon as they arrive they sell out. I think its because they are all hand-made and add such character to a kids room or playroom. They instantly brighten up a wall and look gorgeous when grouped with art and garlands etc. They also encourage children to love and appreciate animals as they get to see them and cuddle them every day.

3) Vita EOS feather shades have been really popular and sell out as soon as they are restocked! They are beautiful and add such softness to a room. They are also versatile and work in both contemporary rooms and also more traditional interiors where there are high ceilings, old fireplaces, vintage detailing etc.

4) Oak Men range of rustic industrial notice boards and candle holder trays. They are well made with oak, brass and distressed metal which gives an aged look. We get feedback from customers that the notice boards are a huge hit because it is so hard to find a nice one that is big enough and looks great.

5) George and Willy rollers are exclusive to us in Ireland and have proven a big hit with our customers. They come in various sizes and in black or white and can be used in the kitchen, shop, office, board room or playroom as they are great for kids to doodle and paint on.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to set up their own small business?

Follow your heart, listen to your head and work hard! If you have a passion follow it and don’t let negative thoughts or advice stand in your way.

What’s coming next ? 

We have big plans for 2018 and want to build on our incredibly successful first year. We plan to bring lots more brands and beautiful pieces to the Lamb and Little Lamb collections and hopefully add a unique design service element to the business….watch this space…

These ladies have an awful lot to be proud of and we will certainly be joining their ever growing following of loyal customers.

Homebirds are interested in hearing from you if, like the ladies at Lamb, you are growing an independent, interior-related business. If we love your products or service, we will more than happily shout about it! Contact us at so that we can help you make your mark.


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