Stairs To Make You Stare – 4 Ways To Achieve A Statement Staircase

This week we’re talking stairs. All too often they are an overlooked area of the home, which is a shame, since they have such huge potential for creating a ‘wow factor.’ Carpeted stairs, runners and natural wood finishes have long been the popular choice. But we have looked into some rather more unique options, that would certainly make your home stand out.

 Read on for 4 eye-catching ways you can recreate your stairway, and really get your house guests talking.

1. Painted Stairs

 This is a simple and classic look, executed beautifully by @littlerosecottage who teams a wooden top with a white painted stair riser.

You could try using pale grey in place of the wood, for a alternative take on neutral, as demonstrated by @delphiniumdesign…

…or go all out and use a dark, dramatic shade?

 Alternatively, you could paint a runner on your stairs like @beauclowneyarchitects?

Or how about some stripes like @studiomcgee?

Be sure to use a clear lacquer to seal the paint and prevent wear and tear.

2. Quotes On Stairs

We all love an inspirational quote don’t we? If you’re anything like us, you are forever buying framed prints with phrases that mean something to you and dotting them all over your home. Well why not choose your favourite and cover your stairs with it?

Or paste a different quote on each step?


That way they will really get noticed. Ebay sell a whole host of stair riser stickers for a very reasonable price, with some shops even offering a personalized service. We recommend bespoke-graphics-express.

3. Morroccan Tile Effect Stairs

Now this is something we’d LOVE to try. It’s no secret that we have a huge soft spot for Moroccan inspired interiors, and this idea excites us immensely. Although appearing distinctly like tiles, this is in actual fact another look created by stair riser stickers. Similar Morroccan style ones can be purchased for as little as £11.74 for 6 on Ebay from seller bessky, who stock a wide range of pattern and colour options.

Image result for morroccan stencil stairs

They make a unique style statement that you wouldn’t see in any old home. So why not set a trend and be the envy of all your friends? From what we can tell they are super simple to use too.

4. Wallpapered Stairs

As an alternative to stickers you could try wallpapering your stairs. With this method, the possibilities are endless and the overall effect, striking. Need to coordinate your stairs with your existing décor? No problem! Simply choose a wallpaper that suits, and go for it. Whatever your theme, whether it be monochrome…

Image result for wallpapered stairs

Photo credit:


Image result for wallpapered stairs


…or vintage…Image result for geometric wallpapered stairs

Photo credit: Pinterest

…you name it, you can do it. @koshome took the morrocan tile idea mentioned earlier and created it with wallpaper instead of stickers. Pretty effective don’t you think?

If you have some stylish and affordable interior ideas, please do share them with us. Our readers love to be inspired! If you’re on Instagram, you can use our new hashtag #nesttoimpress when you post an interior image, and if we like what we see, we’ll get in touch. You can also email us directly at

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