Make Your Own Industrial Light Fitting

          When I was first introduced to the virtual world, that is Instagram, I was bowled over by the response I received about the industrial copper light fitting that hangs over my island in the kitchen diner. When I first saw it for sale, I was instantly in love, but the price tag was too silly for me to even entertain. It was kind of like that moment in Pretty Women, when the ladies in the posh boutique on Fifth Avenue made it known she didn’t belong (without the hooker element of course). So I did what any savvy interior lover would do, and set about creating my own.

I have been contacted a lot by people asking where it was from and we have been promising a “How to” for some time now. Well, that time has at long last arrived!

What you will need:

• Piece of wood, consider the weight
• 2 large metal hooks – Wilko’s
• 2 large screws and 2 washers
• 2 metal chains in your chosen colour 1 cm by 2cm
• 6 Industrial Edison Light bulbs in your choice of size and shape
• Roll of black insulating flex wire length – 20 metre roll (electrical cable 3 core 13 amp round black mains wire flex 240v.)
• Junction box – Screw Fix
• Ceiling rose – optional
• E27 Copper light bulb holders – Creative
• Screw Driver
• Drill

What you need to do:

1. Decide what piece of wood you would like to use to hang your lights from and purchase, remembering that it needs to be hung from the ceiling, so consider the weight. I got ours from a wood yard for £2.80 and it measured 1100mm by 150mm. Obviously this can be down to your discretion, depending on the size of the island or table you wanted it to hang over.

2. Treat the piece of wood or stain it, if your feel it’s needed. I used Colron Danish Oil.

3. Next, decide in what formation you would like your lights to hang, and how many lights you would like on your piece of wood. We used six lightbulb holders and bulbs and made sure they didn’t hang in any sort of uniform way, so didn’t use a tape measure.

4. Make markings on your piece of wood, where you would like each piece of wire to be fed. Then, using a 10mm bit, drill 6 holes in the wood.

5. Using a screw driver, screw your junction box onto the centre of the piece of wood. The one we purchased was from Screw Fix.

6. Cut 6 lengths of the wire, each 2 metres long. These will be cut to your chosen length throughout the process. Our cable was sourced from Connectors and Cable on Ebay and was listed as electrical cable 3, core 13 amp round black mains wire flex 240v.

7. Thread the wire through the holes you have made in the top of the piece of wood, then tie a knot above the fitting and secure with wire clips along the top, to hide the wires from view. You should, at this point, have a piece of wood with 6 hanging pieces of wire that are all the same length

8. It’s now time to wire into the junction box, for which you will require a qualified electrician. In its entirety, it only took around 1.5 hours to construct and wire.

9. Next, attach the chain to the light fitting. Use a large screw and washer big enough, so it will not pull through the links in the chain you have purchased. Drill a pilot hole in the centre of your wood, measuring 50mm from each edge. If using plaster board raw plugs, you will be required to use the appropriate size drill bit for the raw plug, and screw your hook into this. If you can locate your floor joist to attach the fitting, you will be able to screw your hook directly into the ceiling by hand.

Depending on the size of your island and height of your ceiling, decide what length you would like your chain and how low you would like it to hang. Remember you are still able to adjust the length of each bulb at this point. We purchased our chain from alisdiy on Ebay and used the 1mm by 2mm in black. It was listed as strong heavy duty black plated steel chain. The hooks were from Wilko’s.

10. Now construct your chosen light fittings. If you have read “Copper Load Of This, our new blog post this week, you will know copper is common place in my kitchen diner. It is incorporated into taps, door handles, and smaller accessories like plant pots and kettles, so copper was the obvious choice for us. You can also get other metallic options or go for black, which look equally as industrial; it’s your choice. We purchased ours from Creative Cables. They cost £4.10 per holder but came complete as a kit, with all the pieces below. Each piece easily screws into the other and instructions are provided for assembly.

E27 Metal Lamp Shade Holder Copper

11. The electrician will be required to wire each of the bulb holders and also wire mains into the junction box on top of the light fitting. We used a ceiling rose as it looks smarter than the mains wire coming from the ceiling.

Top Tip:-Edison Bulbs are readily available on the high street, but I recommend Vendimialightingco on Ebay. The bulbs were not only cheaper, but also a lot more authentically industrial. They had brighter and funkier filaments but also came in a range of shapes and sizes. Again, we were rather random when it came to selecting bulbs. We wanted a mismatched look as we felt this looked more effective.

So that’s it! All that’s left to do is to get a shopping list together and hand the job over to your favourite sparky! If you embark on this “How to,” be sure to share your finished article with us @_homebirds_ on Instagram or email us at Good luck!

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