How To Make A Chunky Knit Blanket In One Hour

Amie Bottomore of @the_old _ale _house is relatively new to the insta scene, but  sure has made an impression. She started her journey on the app to track and record the  dedication her family has put into the renovation of their 300 year old cottage, and to create a piece of history for families who live there in years to come. 

Amie has a gift for creating soft furnishing, and she uses it to style and accessorise her beautiful home, which is steeped in character and charm. Amie has embarked on lots of interior projects, but this Chunky Knit Throw “How To,” inspired by @this.dreamed.up.home really caught our eye. The blanket jumped out at us, with its luxurious look of opulence, created at a fraction of the cost of others we’ve seen online. 

Photo credit: @the.dreamed.up.home

Amie details where she sourced everything in this step by step guide to creating your own beautiful blanket. 

What you will need:

  • 2kg of Extremely Chunky Acrylic “Mammoth” Wool in Dove Grey sourced from
  • YouTube clip How to Arm Knit a Blanket Easy Knit Tutorial for Beginners by Wool and the Gang.
  • Watch it at:

    There are a lot of YouTube Videos available demonstrating arming knitting techniques but some were quite confusing. I found this was the simplest.

What you need to do:

There are lots of other variations of Wool and colours (The Merino Wool and mushroom pink looks gorgeous!)  but as I had never done it before I went for the Acrylic as it was only £18.50 per kg so I figured I wouldn’t be crying if it went wrong! In total with delivery (£6.50) the total cost was £43.50 as I used my arms as my needles. I was really impressed with the delivery service as it arrived next day, after ordering with a time slot for delivery too!

Before you get started, ensure you are wearing something short sleeved (I learnt this lesson wearing a thick jumper!) Take off all your jewellery to avoid creating pulls and most importantly visit the little girls or boys room, as once you start you cant stop!

1. Unravel about 3-4metres (4 wide arm lengths) of wool first. (this gives you your “tail”)

2. Start with a slip knot and put your right arm through this which will then sit on your wrist.

3. Now long tail cast on – (same as if you were knitting) Take care not to do this too tightly as you wont be able to get it off your arm once complete.
4. Create 12 rings on your arm. This made my finished blanket approx. – 30″ x 60″. You can make a wider blanket by creating more rings.

5. Start your arm knitting and transfer stitches over onto the left arm. Watch the video to see the full technique.

6. Keep going until you have about 4metres of wool left.
7. Cast off 8 (see video). Weave the tail ends of the remaining wool around the edge of the blanket and finally tie.
9. At this point you have completed all the knitting that is required. Stretching out your wool brings the blanket into its own and shows off the gorgeous chunky knit.

It really is that simple. It took me around an hour, once I was familiar with the knots required and the instructions on the video. Having never knitted anything before and being a complete beginner, I was very pleased with the time it took and the end result.

 I think the hardest part is the casting on at the beginning and casting off at the end. The actual knitting in the middle, once you get into the swing of it is really enjoyable and quite relaxing.

Photo credit: @the.dreamed.up.home

@imo2_x also had a go using the same super simple tutorial and the result was equally as impressive.

We love the colours chosen for these projects and the blankets are perfect for sitting in front of the fire and cosying up of an evening.  

If you have transformed a piece of furniture or got crafty with some home furnishings like these talented ladies, get in touch to have your DIY “How To” featured on the blog. Email us at or on Instagram @_homebirds_ .






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