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Laura Higham from @the_indigo_house has an inspirational home that is the envy of many. She has a real eye for detail and her styling techniques are second to none! We love everything she does and simply cannot get enough of her stunning little squares on instagram.

Here she talks to us about her interiors, her style and where she shops. Brace yourself, you’re about to get a whole host of new ideas for your home.

Hey Laura, tell us something about yourself we don’t already know.

  Well, I live in East Sussex with my husband and my two children. I work for a retail design company and I love holidaying by the sea!

  Can you describe your home and tell us where its located?

It’s a 4 bed 1960s house. It was a total blank canvas when we moved in with no real character so we’re slowly trying to add a bit of personality.

  How long have you lived in it and what made you buy it?

We ‘ve been here 17 months now. The property offered us the extra space we needed with two young children. I would say it was more of a practical purchase than one led by the heart but it ticked almost all of our boxes and we knew that we could make it our own.

  What is the best home improvement that you’ve done?

 I think we are happiest with our kitchen refurb so far. We used what we could of the existing kitchen as it was good quality and did all the work ourselves. It’s transformed the room and we’re so much happier with it.


How would you describe your style?

I think I go with what I love rather than following any particular trends but I definitely pull inspiration from different styles. I love scandi and rustic along with mid century and industrial. Its got to be about what you love at the end of the day.

  What inspires you and the way you style your home?

I think decorating a home is a journey. I take inspiration from all over. Instagram and Pinterest obviously play a huge part and they offer up so much inspiration. We are putting together the bare bones of our house right now, but I look forward to the years to come where we will really form our style.

  What is your favourite room in the house?

I love my lounge, its a massive work in progress and its not quite right yet, but there’s a little corner in there that’s perfect to me, full of my favourite colours and textures.

 What is your most treasured interior item?

I love the coffee table in our lounge and the reason I love it is because my husband made it and was incredibly proud of it. It tells a story and that’s what I love!

 Where do you shop for your home?

I love high street shops as they offer great value. H&M home, Ikea, Matalan, Dunelm all offer great ranges. I also love La Redoute and French Connection. Ive found some amazing small businesses through Insta though. One of my faves is a lady called Sally whos business @intomills sells some beautiful artisan homewares. @outthereinteriors sell amazing furniture and home accessories and have something for everyone. Rocket St George sell some amazing items too.

 What is the best value item in your home?

We have a mid century style sideboard in the lounge that was completely free! It was being advertised on a selling site so I snapped it up!

 What’s your favorite colour to use in your home décor?

My favourite colour is definitely blue. I love the dark inky blues, they feature a lot in our house!

 What is your favourite account on Instagram?
I have two fave accounts the first being @hornsby_style, I love her use of colours and her styling it to die for! My other fave is @daniellellp. Her home is just beautiful and has real heart. If my home has half as much heart one day I will be happy!

 Photo credit@hornsbystyle

Photo credit@daniellellp
What is on your wish list or what is your next interior project?
My wish for a while has been to open up the fireplace in the lounge and add a wood burner. Once this is in place it will give us the focal point that the room has been missing.  Also on the wish list is a @cowboykate_ sheepie, but then that has to be on everyone’s wish list, right?!
 Photo credit@cowboykateoutpost
 Give us your top tip for creating a beautiful home.  
I love a project and the sense of pride you get from taking something old and reinventing it. I say give it a go. Take something youre not keen on and paint it, spray it, do whatever you like to make you love it again.
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