How To Create A DIY House Bed

What little one wouldn’t love a stylish house bed like this one designed and created by the talented Sarah at @oliviagrace_home? I know mine would! When it comes to my (Spiv’s) little boy’s bedroom, I find it can be hard to balance what he wants and likes, with my own standards of interior style! I can’t quite handle the idea of having Paw Patrol on my walls or soft furnishings. 

 Sarah has achieved the balance perfectly and created a contemporary, creative, fun and stylish space for her little girl with her DIY house bed offering a clear focal point. We can see it’s potential to be adapted and personalised for children anywhere, with a little hard work and creativity. We hand you over to Sarah who guides you through her step by step guide. 

I’m really excited to be sharing my step by step guide on how I created my daughters house bed frame. I really hope it’s useful and offers some inspiration; here goes!

What you will need:

• Saw
• Wood frame
• Drill
• Screw driver
• Screws
• Wooden plugs
• Hammer
• Measuring tape
• No nails glue
• Pencil / Paper

What you need to do:

Step 1

Measure the length and width of your mattress as these are the measurements you will need for FRAMES A,B,D&E. This will create your base and roof. Cut 4 length pieces for FRAME A&E and 4 width pieces for FRAME B&D, see diagram above.

Lay the first 4 pieces on a flat surface, as shown in the diagram below. To secure the base together, drill 4 pilot holes indicated below and screw together using sufficient screws. You should then be left with a secure base. Repeat this once again to create your roof.

Drill hole directly through both pieces of wood and screw to secure where all arrows are shown.

Step 2

Decide on the preferred height of your frame. See diagram and refer to FRAME C. Using a saw, cut all 4 lengths to size. I attached these 4 posts to the base FRAME A, by firstly drilling two holes in either end of the two pieces of wood. One of the holes is for a screw the other needs to be half the length of your wooden dowels, as this is where they will be attached. Knock the dowels into Frame A, using a hammer. You can also use wooden glue to secure to add strength. Now drill a pilot hole in each of the 4 pieces of FRAME C for the fixing screw and half length hole for dowel and you are ready to attach. Repeat this process to attach the roof.

NB: You will then need to screw from underneath the base frame into the posts to make sure they are securely fastened to one another.

Step 3

The triangle peak is probably the most difficult part of the process. So I did it by cutting the wood at an angle and using smaller screws to secure these in place. I’ve tried to create a diagram below to show you how  I made the cuts.

Step 4

To create FRAME G, I measured the distance in between each peak and cut 1 piece of wood to size. I used strong additive glue (in fact it was used to seal the sink and cooker to the worktop in my kitchen) and stuck it to either side of the peaks.

What I love most about this bed is the character it adds to my daughter’s room and the fact that I can proudly say, if people did ask, that I made it myself. It’s  original, affordable and achievable – what could be better than that?

I hope really hope this guide enables you to make your own bed frame for your little one. If you’d prefer the mattress to be raised, it would be easy enough to add feet or adjust the frame to give the bed height.

 Good luck with your project!

 If you have an original idea like this that you created yourself, please do get in touch at – we’d love to share it to inspire others!

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