Get Organised & Clear Your Mind – Sightly Ways To Store Your Stuff

Hello readers – Emma here. We all know how fabulous it feels to have a good sort out and clear our clutter. Getting organised and labelling stuff is pure therapy. All the better when the storage solution actually looks good.

 I’m a real stickler for storage and love to find creative, aesthetically pleasing ways of housing all our household goods. After reading this, I’m hoping you’ll join me and be so full of ideas for getting your own home in order, you’ll be off to Ikea before you’ve even finished your coffee!

1. Tackle Those Toiletries

I don’t know if it’s just me, but how annoying are wire shower racks? They’re ugly, nothing stands up straight in them and they go rusty and horrible in no time. I was desperate to find an alternative when I stumbled across this little beauty in Ikea. I’m not sure it was designed for bathrooms specifically, but it works a treat and looks great too. You can buy the racks and the tubs separately, so it’s a really versatile solution.

Once I’d got this up on the wall I decided my mismatched toiletries were not worthy of it. Sooo I went all out and created a ’boutique hotel’ vibe with some clear plastic bottles and a selection of vinyl stickers from Ebay. I can’t tell you how much joy I feel when things look uniform and consistent like this.

2. Perfect Pantry

Speaking of uniform and consistent, it doesn’t get much more OCD than this. But come on, how pleasing is it to the eye? The glass jars were a steal at just 75p each from The Range and the blackboard stickers were from Ebay. They even came with a chalk pen! Gone are the days of cramming mismatched herb jars straight off the supermarket shelf into my cupboards. Having them on show like this makes my herbs and spices a real feature of the kitchen.

It feels so good when the inside of my cupboards are in order too. The Range also sells larger storage jars and I had a field day decanting the contents of my cupboards into them. This was my pinterest inspo!


3. Organise Your Outerwear

If you have enough space near your front door, some hanging hooks above a bench would make for a stylish solution for all your coats. Pop some baskets under the bench to hide away your shoes and hey presto! A hassle free home for all your outerwear. If, like me, you’re more about aesthetics than practicality, it will also provide a perfect little corner for endless faffing and restyling. Ikea do this natural wooden bench for £40.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. The Wonder of Wall Space

Having a small kitchen has meant that I’ve had to get creative with storage. When space in the cupboards ran out, I had to think outside the box – literally. I decided to use wall space to hang pans, chopping boards and wine glasses. Having bits and bobs on display like this creates a talking point and sometimes it’s just nice to do things a bit differently. You can buy glass racks here.

5. Household Hide-aways

Household items like ironing boards are a pain in the a***, unless you have an abundance of storage space. If, like me, you don’t, why not consider hanging it on the back of a door or even better, a cupboard door?

6. Bathroom Brainwave

Bathroom towels – we seem to have thousands of them! I keep mine in a hamper in the bathroom. That way the heated towel rail doesn’t get overcrowded and I can make a style statement at the same time.

7. Shake-up Your Make – up

This one I haven’t got round to yet but it’s next on my ‘to do’. What I wouldn’t give to open the top drawer of my dresser and see this wonderful sight before me! Argos sell cosmetic organisers for under £15.

If you have some creative interior ideas to share – get in touch, our readers are waiting for you to inspire them! Email

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