Ten Of The Best Prints – Selected By Homebirds

We Homebirds simply could not exist without prints. Large, small, we love them all. They are such a fabulously affordable way to reinvent a space and inject new life.

So if you’re looking to invest in some new wall art, look no further than this very post, because Spiv and I have scoured the internet and put together our top picks for you right here. Click on the images to shop.

No. 1

You cannot beat a botanical print for a hit of tropical tranquility. It brings a welcome colour pop, no matter what your décor and is versatile enough to be switched from room to room. So a plant picture is a actually a really clever investment. This one is from @prettyventuraofficial and you can get 10% off with code Homebirds10.

No. 2

Another corker from @prettyventuraofficial is this dreamy duo of inhale/exhale prints – designed to help you de-stress and just breathe.

No. 3

Admittedly this one is a splurge and would be a hit to your bank balance, but a worthwhile one – trust us. It’s from Graeme & Green and would make a striking focal point in any room.

No. 4

Now we’re not normally the types for bad language (yeah right), but some days, this one is just too true! @elleandindi do a whole host of tempting typography prints.

No. 5

This is one of Emma’s absolute favourites and ideal for a monochrome lover. @fj_interiors styles it perfectly in her kitchen.

No. 6

Speaking of kitchens, your choice of prints for this room is endless! From the popular typography print ‘Bon Appetit’ to elegant photographic images of food, you really are spoilt for choice. Spiv being Spiv has created a beautiful gallery incorporating them all.  (You can purchase all the prints shown here from Desenio.com)


Colour lovers, listen up! This fabulously fluorescent selection is available from @house_of_neon. Each print gives the effect of a light-up neon style. Clever right? They’ll even personalize your prints for you too.

No. 8

@homeoffour never fails to inspire us and this shot of her bathroom is surely enough to make anyone want to invest in this close-up portrait print of Cara Delivigne? There are black and white portraits a-plenty on this website, so you’ll be sure to find one you love.

No. 9

@theprintarcade is another of our favourite, up-and-coming print providers and they have some really unique, retro-styles. We love their vintage Vogue prints like the one shown here, but check out their travel section too. If there’s a particular destination that holds meaning for you, search to see if they have it; it would make a great gift.

No. 10

Bohemian vibes (our favourite kind) are captured perfectly in Desenio’s ‘Love Warrior’ range. This one styled by @homesbycaz is particularly beautiful.

So there you have it,  a flavor of our all time favourites. But honestly? We could go on and on. If you haven’t checked out @inkflostore yet, they are definitely worth a look too. They have a range of animal character prints that would be just perfect for a nursery. Ok, we’ll stop there. Happy shopping!

Money-saving tip!

If you like metallic-effect, typography prints, we can show you how to save your money and make them yourself. Our very next blog post will talk you through it, so be sure to stay tuned.

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