How To Make Metallic Prints

There are several reasons we think you will want to find time to have a go at this week’s “How to”. 1) Prints are an expensive addiction and if you love them half as much as we do, this feature will save you some serious dough. 2) Metallics are bang on trend right now, and with gold, silver, copper and rose gold to choose from, it’s easy to find something that will fit with your décor. 3) Prints of aspirational quotes and mantras are the perfect way to personalise your home, make a statement and add some hygge. 4) We can think of no better way to make use of your work printer! Got to be some perks to the job hey? 😊

You will need:-

• A laminator – JTF, £20
• A4/A3 170 gsm photo paper, available at Wilkos for £2.50
• A4/A3 piece of ordinary paper
• Copper/ metallic foil – Purchased from the Range for £4.99
• Fonts downloaded from
• Laser jet printer
• Your chosen text or inspirational quote
• Frame – Wilko’s basic black frames start at £2 for A4 size (we recommending spray painting for a metallic finish)

What you need to do:

1) Download a funky font or two to your computer. We used, where there is a range of free, professional looking fonts. The ones we particularly like are Bromello, Sweet Pea, Winter Calligraphy, Autumn in November and Buttercup.

2) Open a publisher document and create a text box, this will also act as border to your print. Using publisher will enable you to format the text and images equally. Choose the quote or text that you would like to use (we’ve included some ideas at the bottom of this feature) and decide what size you would like it to be. Using two fonts together or different size fonts can look effective, emphasising particular words or parts of your text. You can also use images on your prints, but make sure they are not too intricate.

3) Once you are happy with the look of the document, you can go ahead and print. You MUST use a laser jet printer in order for the metallic foil to stick to the ink and we recommend using 170gsm photo paper.

4) Cut a piece of metallic foil to cover your print and place it over the print with the metallic side of the foil facing up. Now place a piece of regular paper over the top of the metallic foil and print, to protect the foil from the laminator.

5) Switch on the laminator and ensure it is heated up and ready to use, usually indicated by a green light.

6) Almost there! Now feed all three sheets (the print, foil and paper) through the laminator twice.

7) Finally peel the photo paper and metallic foil apart and hey presto! You should now find the ink on your print coated with metallic foil.

8) Place the print in your choice of frame and find the perfect place in your home to display it.

If DIY’s really not your thing, don’t worry – we have tracked down the crème de la crème in ready- made metallic prints, that you can buy online and get delivered to your door – easy.

@foiled_pretties_and_merriments offer prints in gold, rose gold, light pink and copper.

Alternatively visit @foilprints who have a particularly great range of prints for children’s bedrooms or nurseries.

Or if you are looking for something personalised for a special occasion, @harperandhartdesigns are the site to hit!

Not sure what text you’d like on your print? These are some of our favourites…

• Don’t cry spilt milk. It could have been gin
• Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons
• Does running out of wine count as cardio?
• But first, coffee
• May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short
• Bon Appetit
• This kitchen is for dancing
• Whatever is good for the soul. Do that
• Well why the hell not?
• A yawn is a silent scream for gin
• Change the world – start with coffee
• When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.
• Why limit happy to an hour?


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