How To Make An Outdoor Tiki Bar

The blog is overrun with garden ideas just lately, but with all this sun, we are cramming them in while we can!

If you follow us on Instagram @_homebirds_, you’ll have seen our endless ‘outerior’  updates just lately, and the one we bring you today is one of our faves. It’s perfect if you love socialising and hosting dinner parties or BBQ’s at home. Staying in is the new going out after all…

So here’s how to wow your guests and create your very own tropical bar area in your garden.

First find some old wooden pallets, often available at your local builders merchants, the local tip, or even by the side of the road (like ours were!) You will also need a couple of scaffold boards. Next, saw one of the palettes in half.

 Discard one of the halves and screw the other half to the complete pallet to make an ‘L’ shape.

Now saw your scaffold boards to size to make a worktop (we used an old wooden door) and screw in to the ‘L’ shaped base.

Paint and accessorise as required. Click here to see me in action!

Et voila! Now all that’s left to do is invite pals to come over and get sloshed!

Shop The Look

Paint: Valspar in Deep Pacific

Tiki Bar sign: Homemade using a small piece of wood, handpainted and screwed on to the front of the bar

Large blue citronella candle: JTF (lots of similar ones available in The Range)

Floral garlands: Home Bargains

Metal beer trug: The Range

Jam jar cocktail glasses with straws: B&M Bargains

Wooden container for lemons and limes: H&M Home

Large glass drinks dispenser: Wilko’s

Paper plant holder: @andersandboo

Copper martini glasses: Tesco

 So there you have it – who needs to go on holiday when you have a British summer like never before and a Tiki bar in your own back yard!

Enjoy your Tiki bar creation if you do decide to go for it and see you next week for our ‘How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget’ feature.

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