Indulgent Interiors: How To Promote Wellbeing At Home

As I’m sure you already know, we are all about wellbeing this month. We are passionate about interiors and firmly believe that the way you style your home has a direct impact on both your mood and your mental state.

With 1 in 4 of us suffering from some sort of mental illness, it couldn’t be more important to find ways to feel happy, relaxed and recharged. Especially as we approach the dreaded transition into Winter.

So read on for some simple tips on how you can work on feelings of contentment and mindfulness in your very own home. 


We believe it’s all about creating multi-sensory experiences. Here’s how. . .

Love At First Sight

The moment you walk through your front door after a long day, you need to see things that make you feel good. The aesthetics of your home are critical to you experiencing that elusive feel-good factor. What is currently going on in your hallway or entrance area? Is it a happy space? Is it pretty? No? Then that’s something you need to address. Pronto. If it’s cluttered, clear it. If it’s tatty, redecorate it. If it’s bland, inject some life into it! Here’s a bit of inspo for you…

Repaint the walls and add a shelf adorned with accessories like @my_british_home…

…Invest in some hooks for your coats and a storage unit to keep all your shoes neat and tidy like @hallie_and_harrisons…

…Add some greenery like @brewsker…

Create a gallery wall like @flawsomehome

Just A Touch 

Think about the textures you have at home. The difference 100% cotton bed linen makes to the quality of your sleep is unimaginable! Invest in some duck feather pillows too. Also ensure you have a faux fur throw slung over your sofa. The softness against your skin as you unwind in an evening, along with the therapy of stroking it can’t be beaten.


Sweet Scentsation

Create fragrances in your home that soothe you. Whether it’s scented candles, diffusers, plug-ins, room sprays or fresh flowers – just make your home smell wonderful. We really recommend Aldi for their collection of scents for the home. Turn all the lights off while enjoying a long, hot bath and light a scented candle or two. I guarantee you will feel fabulous afterwards.

The Sound Of Music

The television is an addiction for most of us. But music can be so therapeutic, so try to find windows of time to fill your home with it. While cooking perhaps or eating breakfast? Podcasts can also be incredibly relaxing.


So there are just a few ‘quick fix’ tips for you. But we will be revisiting this topic throughout September so watch this space. There’s plenty more where this came from! Have a fabulous week and remember to take good care of yourself.

If like us, you love posting your interiors on Instagram, make sure you enter our hashtag competition #nesttoimpress. We have a special wellbeing theme this month and invite you to share your favourite spot to relax in for a chance to win a £40 for The White Company. Pretty sweet hey?

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