How To Make Granite-effect Shelves

If you’re a busy working Mum like me, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to find the time and space to pamper yourself.  Especially if you live in a house full of boys! Well one day I had a revelation. It came over me like an epiphany. “Why don’t you turn the box room into a dressing room?” 

And after what feels like a lifetime of planning, prepping and DIY, that light bulb moment has finally become a reality. There will be a full blog post soon on this rather self-indulgent overhaul, but right now I want to talk to you about one of the main features of the new space- my very convincing, granite-effect shelves . . .

 So yes, this transformation has been in the making for months, but the time has finally come for me to start showing off the fruits of my labour.  Never underestimate how long projects like this take when you have children stealing all your time and sleep!

Since planning began, I knew I wanted the space to ooze style. I dreamed of an opulent sanctuary where I could escape from the mayhem going on in the rest of the house. Granite shelves were a key part of my vision and I knew they would help create the exact look and feel wanted.

Having used authentic granite quartz previously in DIY projects at home, I was aware of the price tag involved, so I set about finding an alternative way of achieving the look without compromising on style.

These lightweight DIY shelves were created at a fraction of the cost, and were incredibly easy to put up.  My secret? Vinyl covering. It comes in all sorts of colours and effects so there really is something for everyone.

What you will need:

What you will need to do:

  1. Cut the number of shelves you require. I cut 3 620mm x 200mm x20mm  shelves using a hand saw, from some off cuts we had at home. Ensure the edges and surface are smooth to the touch, using sand paper and sand block to remove any rough edges. Wipe with a cloth to remove any dust or debris.

2. Using a ruler, draw a straight line length ways on the piece of wood.

3. Without removing the back of the vinyl adhesive, wrap it the entire way around the shelf as if you were wrapping a present. Allow an extra 3cm and cut with a pair of scissors.

4. Now remove 2cm of the backing to the vinyl adhesive and place the edge firmly against the straight pencil line you have drawn.

5. Using your filler spreader, work from left to right and firmly smooth out any bumps or bubbles, until you are happy the surface is totally flat and level.  Continue to do this removing 2 cm of the self adhesive vinyl at a time, until your two ends meet. Cut a straight line with your scissors and apply the adhesive to cover the complete shelf.

Top Tip

Keeping the vinyl adhesive taut at all times is the key to avoiding bumps and folds in your shelves, so a spare pair of hands is a good idea.


6. Now its time apply the adhesive to the ends of the shelf. Ensure you aren’t working with too much vinyl as it will stick together and become very difficult.

7. Make small slits at each corner of the shelf and fold in the two short edges at either end.  Fold the two lengths in on each other, one overlapping the other. I would recommend using a razor blade to do the more intricate edges. Now use your filler spreader to smooth down all edges ensuring the adhesive has applied firmly to all joins, again squeezing out all bubbles.

8. Repeat this process with the your chosen number of shelves and then you are ready to choose your brackets and  get them up on the wall!

9.  Of course a whole afternoon needs to be devoted to dressing them with your hand picked dressing room accessories!

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is!

My Video – 0001

The brackets you choose to team with your shelves will help pack that extra punch when it comes to style. So I have gathered my top picks that I think compliment the white granite perfectly.

Completing The Look

Anthropology Rose Quart Brackets – £44


WGX Fan Detail Wall Brackets – £66

Scandinavian Design Centre by Maze Pythagoras Brackets – £34

If you have a DIY idea or project you think others will love, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will share it with our readers. Watch this space for the full blog post on my dressing room make-over, coming soon!


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