How To Radiate Style In Your Home: The Rise of The Radiator

Throughout the winter months, I’m sure we would all agree that radiators play a big part in the home, keeping us warm, cosy and happy.

In my previous homes, radiators have been less than appealing due to their imposing size and basic, ugly aesthetic. I’ve always craved the ‘hygge’ effect, but with such eyesores in every room, I’ve found this really difficult.

Things have progressed in recent years though and the `radiator revolution` is upon us. People are now giving as much consideration to their radiator choices as their flooring, lighting and colour schemes.

 Companies like Stelrad are designing and making high quality steel radiators in stunning designs, so this once purely functional necessity now provides an opportunity for style too.  Yes, we can finally have the best of both worlds.

A Whole World of Warmth

If you haven’t heard of Stelrad   I’m afraid you have missed a trick. They are a radiator distributor with a difference, and their beautiful products come at affordable prices too. You’ll be impressed by their choice of colours (36 of them to be exact), not to mention the styles, finishes, sizes and designs available. Whatever the era, décor or style of your home, there is a radiator style that will fit in seamlessly. From ultra modern new-builds to properties steeped in history, there really is something for everyone.

Planar Vertical

Concord Rail

Softline Deco

Sleek & Modern

While ultra modern isn’t a style I would usually gravitate towards, I was so pleasantly surprised by the more contemporary ranges available at Stelrad. The

Vita Plan Concept

is the ultimate in simplicity with its ultra cool, smooth flawless finish. The Vita Deco Concept on the other hand is equally as stylish but has sleek lines that make the ultimate statement in the home.

Vita Plan Concept

Vita Deco Concept

If the style of your home is more high-gloss than rustic, you may want to consider a vertically designed radiator, the more edgy of the two designs, that comes in array of funky designs.

Designer Series

Character & Charm

Horizontal radiators with a more chunky, traditional design are typically more suited to character properties and these are a personal favourite of Homebirds. If this appeals to you, the Vita Column Horizontal and Vita Column Concept are a great pick.

They are available in two heritage colours, traffic white and anthracite grey for the more traditional home.

This design is also available in the Vita Column Vertical which have just as much impact and output in a space.

Industrial Vibes

We have witnessed the boom of industrial home décor and interiors over the last half decade and I’ve been pulled in hook, line and sinker! The trend has gone from strength to strength and it shows no signs of wavering any time soon. We have seen the emergence of industrial vibes in almost every element of home décor, most commonly lighting choices, shelving, dining tables and seating. But there really is no better way to make an industrial statement than with an innovatively designed radiator, carefully chosen to compliment your décor.

Photo Credit: Industville

Photo Credit: The Hairpin Leg Company

Something Quirky

Due to the clever design and innovation of Stelrad’s Aqua Series range, radiators really can be installed in the most awkward of spaces. Just take a look at these vertical beauties, all clever and quirky options with a contemporary look and feel. These are perfect as space savers in bathrooms, kitchens or compact spots around the home but still provide the wow factor!

Aqua Concord Rail

Aqua Optia

Steal My Style

The overall master plan is to convince Mr C to replace all our visible radiators around the home. But lets not run before we can walk hey!? Replacing the radiator in our entrance hall was a priority to me, as this radiator is the first thing you see when you enter our home.

I was eager for the radiators to be key statements within the space and after much deliberation we opted for the traditional cast iron Vita Column Concept with a stylish matt finish.  The traditional design complimented the original Victorian mosaic tiles in the hall and the runner on our stairs. The anthracite grey seemed a perfect contrast against the white walls, making it stand out and catch people’s eye.



To create consistency and be sympathetic to the style throughout our home, I also decided to install the same make and model in my dressing room. I had done all I could to disguise the previous radiator, painting it the same colour as the walls as it was so yuck! The anthracite grey added a sense of quality and luxury; a perfect pairing for the marble topped dressing table and gold accessories in the room.



I’ve dreamed of incorporating radiators like these into our décor for a while and it’s safe to say I haven’t been as excited about a delivery in a very long while!  They came with all the fittings and easy to follow instructions to mount to the walls and thanks to some handy friends and family, they were installed.  If you are finding things a little tricky there are simple installation guides and videos available on the Stelrad website.

These new arrivals have made such an impact on both spaces and I am now eager to continue installation throughout the house pronto!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay, go check out Stelrad ‘s stunning range of radiators today and see your interiors spaces transform before your eyes!

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