Handpicked by Homebirds – A Few Of Our Favourite Things

It’s not everyday we discover a brand that blows us away. But just recently, we totally did. It’s a small independent business that is very much up and coming. Every single one of their beautiful Artisan products has been carefully curated and is of the highest possible quality. To be perfectly honest with you, there isn’t a single thing on the website we don’t lust after. So today we want to share the love and officially introduce you to Vaunt Design.

Company owner Steve, contacted us one day to ask if we would like to try and review a selection of his accessories and well, we jumped at the chance! They are the sort of accessories that can transform your space and add a real wow factor. Below are our top 6 picks and we tell you why… (To shop, simply click on the item that tickles your fancy!)

1. Ladder Love


This blanket ladder is the stuff dreams are made of! Made from authentic bamboo, it’s irregular shape along with all its lumps and bumps give it its unique character. The lower part of the ladder has been dipped in white paint for a stylish finish, adding to it’s neutral and versatile appeal. Prop it up against any wall and hang whatever you like from it; blankets, towels, hats, jewellery, anything works! It’s the perfect finishing touch in my scandi-boho bedroom.

2. A Vase For Life

Need a simple but effective statement in your home? Look no further than this beauty! This solid glass vase with deep blue tinge is so striking and at 1 metre tall, you really can’t ignore it. It comes in an even bigger size too if you have the space. Perfect for a hallway or corner of a room. Spiv filled hers with pampas grass, but it looks just as good left empty. This piece more than speaks for itself.

3. Raptured By A Rug


How beautiful? This handwoven Persian rug has an industrial worn and rustic style, achieved through age-old block printing methods.  We just love its earthy, sophisticated charm and with the colour being a Homebirds staple, it would literally compliment any one of our rooms!

4. Can You Ever Have Too Many Ladders?

Yes, yes I know, I already have the white one. But this stunning, handcrafted ladder is too good not to multi-buy! Dipped in black paint, this one has a slightly more urban, industrial appeal and would therefore fit perfectly with more modern, edgy accessories. Each ladder is totally unique so expect it to come with bags of personality and charm.

5. A Unique Piece

This gorgeous copper and concrete marble effect vase is one of our absolute favourite Vaunt pieces. We have quite honestly never seen anything like it on the high street which makes it more than worth its £21 price tag. It will make a bold statement on any surface in your home and looks stunning on Spiv’s navy blue drawer chest. Style it next to a scented candle or a smaller vase to compliment it. Looks fabulous with some simple gypsophila or eucalyptus.

6. Tea Or Coffee?

Now then, these canisters caused quite a stir when we posted this image on our Instagram feed. It broke our record number of ‘likes’ hitting over 5000! That means, these little lint pots of loveliness are an absolute must-have. The four colours compliment one another beautifully and the texture of their exterior makes them look almost knitted in their appearance. A stunning addition to any shelfie and just perfect for your tea, coffee and sugar. Each pot comes with a cute bamboo lid and leather handle, as well as a small leather label to keep them in order.

So there you have it, our top 6 interior accessories of the moment! All by the stunning and ever eclectic Vaunt Design. Whether you choose one of these pieces, or browse their site and discover something else that catches your eye, one thing is guaranteed; each and every one of Vaunt’s products tells a story and will create a real talking point amongst your house guests. Happy shopping one and all, you wont regret it.

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