Easy Peasy Ikea Hack – By Adele Armstrong

We LOVE a good IKEA hack, and when we spotted this revamped cabinet in the beautiful home of @hallie_and_harrisons_house, we just had to know how it was done. So here’s Adele, who has agreed to  guest blog for us this week with her easy peasy ‘How To’ guide… 


What you will need: –

Ikea Ivar unit
Jigsaw and sandpaper
2 panels of cane approx 80 cm by 40 cm
Staple gun
Hairpin legs (optional)


What you will need to do:-

1. Using a jigsaw, mark and cut out a rectangle in each door. I left a 7 cm border around the doors. This is the hardest part, it’s easy sailing from here on!



2. Thoroughly sand the inside edges.



3. Give your cane a bath! Soaking the cane for half and hour or so makes it more flexible and a bit easier to work with.



4. Cut 2 panels of cane to fit on the back of the door, ensure you leave enough excess so you can then staple around the edge to attach to the door.



5. Finally add some hairpin legs (Alternatively, the unit can be hung on the wall if you prefer)


Top Tip!

Adding handles could also look amazing and make your unit even more unique.

If you have an IKEA hack to share, please do get in touch at homebirdsuk@gmail.com. We’d love to share it with out readers!

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