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Hunted by Homebirds


How To Make An Outdoor Tiki Bar

The blog is overrun with garden ideas just lately, but with all this sun, we are cramming them in while we can! If you follow us on Instagram @_homebirds_, you’ll have seen our endless ‘outerior’  updates…


How To Make Metallic Prints

There are several reasons we think you will want to find time to have a go at this week’s “How to”. 1) Prints are an expensive addiction and if you love them half as much…


Through The Keyhole: A Vintage Abode

Well have we got a corker for you this week. Meet Victoria of @thecraftyfox.uk – our March winner of #nesttoimpress. Her décor is as unpredictable as her potty mouth! But we love her for both. Her place…